‘Services-Trends & Insights’ Book Released In Mangalayatan University

Aligarh: New book ‘Services-Trends & Insights’ adds to the existing body of knowledge in the field of Services Management.


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Growing interest in services has led to more focused discussion on specific services. This work is a compendium of state-of-the-art research in services contributed by renowned researchers working with diverse service environments. Issues from different service industries in one work make it an interesting reading.

Prof. SC Jain, Vice-Chancellor, Mangalayatan University has called for more quality study material and books for students to address their fast changing needs. He was releasing a book ‘Services-Trends & Insights’ jointly edited by Ambrish Sharma, Assistant Professor, Institute of Business Management, MU.

‘Writing a book is challenging task. One has to give words to their knowledge and thoughts. Book must be easy to understand for everyone. Student must be kept in center while writing a book. University faculty should come forward to provide updated quality study material’, Prof. Jain said.

According to Dr. Sandeep Shandilya, Reader, IBM book has been divided in six parts consisting general services, tourism and hospitality services, financial services, educational services, human resource services and transportation services. ‘Service sector in India contributed 57.2% of gross domestic production in 2011. It will reach new height in near future. India has bright future in service sector’, he said.

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