NIIT Unveils Cloud Centric Curriculum

New Delhi: NIIT has launched 'The Turning Point' campaign that unveils a transformational GNIIT program based on an all-new cloud-centric curriculum, enriched with insights from the IT industry.

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The latest campaign by NIIT - which is currently celebrating 30 years of innovation in the field of IT education and training - features NIIT alumni whose lives have changed ignificantly after successful completion of the industry-endorsed GNIIT program. As a flagship career program of NIIT, GNIIT has been instrumental in shaping the IT careers of students, successfully over the last 20 years.


Earlier this year, NIIT had created the Industry Advisory Council (IAC), wherein industry leaders shared their inputs on how GNIIT could be further improved, to help students become future-ready and find suitable placement in the evolving IT industry. With inputs from the industry as well as NIIT's technology partners, the new syllabus is a perfect blend of Core IT skills, Professional skills and Cloud technology. It ensures that the students' IT knowledge & skills are mapped to the industry requirements and role competencies.

The new GNIIT program maximizes career opportunities by offering programs that lead to exit profiles in diverse fields of IT like - Cloud Applications Developer, Enterprise Application Developer, Business Intelligence Solutions Developer, Server Administrator and Network Administrator.

The new GNIIT syllabus is now based on a Cloud & Collaborative Learning Model. This pioneering initiative takes learning beyond the traditional student-teacher relationship and addresses the needs of today's generation's lifestyle and their learning style. It helps seamlessly blend the instructor-led classroom-based learning, virtual classrooms and online learning using Cloud services being off­ered through NIIT Cloud CampusTM - India's First Cloud Campus ecosystem.

Furthermore, the technology backed learning environment of NIIT's Cloud Learning Methodology supports group learning through interactive features like 24x7 lab and e-library access, instant tech updates, interaction with faculty and peers and access to online video streams. Thus the learning process is not just limited to textbooks but is enhanced through group learning.

The new GNIIT program prepares students, enrolled in a college, for a successful entry into the professional IT world by making them job-ready, the day they graduate. The program gives students the benefit of a dual qualification, as this program can be pursued along with graduation. GNIIT is a Credit based Curriculum, designed to offer flexibility to students in learning. In other words, the students will have the flexibility to choose courses as per their interest and career goals.

Apart from technical skills a successful IT professional also needs to have the right attitude, communication skills, work ethics and a host of other personal attributes that play a crucial role in his/her career. Hence the new GNIIT program aims to strengthen the basic communication and professional skills by making these part of the core syllabus.

The uniqueness of the GNIIT program also lies in its professional practice of a year-long internship that gives the students the opportunity to work at leading IT organisations. This one year of internship gives exposure to 'live' case studies and a stipend that lets them earn-while-they-learn.

With recruitments in over 3000 companies, the GNIIT program gives a jump-start to students' careers. NIIT students have started their careers in leading organizations like Infosys, TCS, Wipro, IBM etc.

The GNIIT program was introduced in 1992 by NIIT's Higher Education Wing as the first education offering in India which combined academic rigor and a full year's training in the IT industry.

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