Visual Intelligence Not Same As IQ

The Novel Object Memory Test is based on individual’s ability to recognize greebles, ziggerins and sheinbugs (top to bottom) — novel objects that Gauthier and her colleagues have invented to study visual intelligence.Just because someone is smart and well-motivated doesn’t mean he or she can learn the visual skills needed to excel at tasks like matching fingerprints, interpreting medical X-rays, keeping track of aircraft on radar displays or forensic face matching.


Pre-Lecture Diagrams Help Students Take Better Notes, Learn More

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Pre-Lecture Diagrams Help Students Take Better Notes, Learn MoreSt. Louis: Providing students with illustrative diagrams showing relationships among key concepts to be discussed in a lecture can boost student learning and recall, especially for students who have difficulty organizing bits and pieces of related information into a cohesive mental framework, suggests a new study from psychologists at Washington University in St. Louis.

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