President Attends The First Convocation Of Indian Maritime University

pranabmukherjeeChennai: President Pranab Mukherjee attended the 1st Convocation of Indian Maritime University at Chennai Trade Centre.


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{/googleAds} Speaking on the occasion, President urged the Indian Maritime University to study the international and national best practices in port and shipping management, logistics and transportation, marine environmental management, maritime risk and system safety, maritime administration covering law, policy and security and train academics as well as professionals in these areas.

He also advised students who got degrees from the university to not forget their debt to their university, society and country and called them to strive to work for the advancement of all three.

President said that India is blessed with a long coast line of more than 7,500 kms, and 95% of the country’s trade by volume, and 70% by value, is handled through the sea. In spite of this, only about 10% of country’s trade is carried out through Indian ships and its share of global seafarers is only 6%. The ships manufactured in India carry even less cargo.

He stressed that if India is to emerge as a major economic power in future, it would require substantial stepping up in the out-turn of quality maritime personnel and addition to its ship-building capacity. Ship-building has the potential to generate a lot of employment, both in rural and urban areas.


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