IGNOU Crisis: 56 Protesting Students Arrested

New Delhi: 56 students of face to face programs in IGNOU arrested in Maidangarhi campus. They were protesting against the decision to close down the regular programs.

The students were demanding an official assurance that the regular courses not be discontinued from the coming academic year.

Acting VC Prof. M. Aslam has said earlier that the regular courses were not permitted under the IGNOU Act and that he was in the ‘process’ to bring it under the law. He also said that it was now up to the ‘high powered committee’ to determine the future of these courses.

The students are fuming over the inconclusive developments. They say they never expected they would be taken for ride by such a premier institution of the country. Objections are being raised as to why this decision is being taken even after the Academic Council had deferred it citing it was beyond the jurisprudence of the acting VC. Students quote the IGNOU Act 1985 Clause 4 which says “encourage the Open University and distance education systems in the educational pattern of the country”.

A major section of the academicians in IGNOU too say the clause allows the use of communication technology to enable high education opportunities and promote educational well being of the community generally.

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