A Fake Laugh A Day Keeps The Boss Away

London: Three in every four people rely on fake laughs to get them through the day, a survey has revealed, with bosses, work colleagues and friends most likely to trigger our guilty giggles.


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Where women use fake laughter to fill awkward silences, men are far more likely to use it to make themselves look good in front of their peers. And, when it comes to the age groups, it’s the younger generations (those 18-34) that are most likely to fall back on their fake laughs rather than admitting they don’t get the joke or find it funny.

What people do find amusing, however, is themselves with over two thirds of people admitting to laughing at their own jokes and almost half believing that they’re the funniest person in their social circle!

The findings have been released as part of a nationwide study on British humor conducted by Old Jamaica, the ginger beer brand.

Revealing exactly what tickles people’s funny bones, as well as their not-so-hilarious habits, the research will also help the brand in its on-going search to unearth the UK’s freshest joke-telling talent.

When it comes to hitting our humor hotspots, a witty one liner is the most effective type of joke throughout the UK with rude or blue punch lines falling to fourth in the leader board behind topical and long, story-style gags. Liverpudlian accents were voted the best for joke delivery but it’s those in Birmingham that feel the most self-assured in their joke telling abilities giving themselves an above average score for their sense of humor.

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