Sikkim Manipal University Announces Scholarship Programme

Bangalore: Sikkim Manipal University - Directorate of Distance Education announced the launch of its fifth 'National Level Vidyadeep Scholarship' for students who enroll in any of their distance education programmes by January 31, 2014.


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{/googleAds} The scholarship scheme aims to cater to the aspirations of lakhs of students, both working and self-employed, who wish to further their education and move ahead in life.

The scholarships ranging from 15 to 100 % fee waiver are available for students who have enrolled in the current admission drive.

The scholarship will depend on the marks secured by the student at the qualifying examination or the SMAT (Sikkim Manipal University Aptitude Test). A student securing more than 90% in the qualifying examination will receive a 100 % fee waiver; a student scoring between 80 and 90 % will receive a 50% fee waiver; a student scoring between 50 and 80% will receive a 15% fee waiver. A student securing less than 50% is also eligible for a 15% scholarship provided he/she clears the SMU-DE’s management aptitude test (SMAT).

Each category has a limited number of scholarships and once this number is exhausted, students automatically qualify for the next lower category.

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