All school syllabuses should be reduced by half, Naidu suggests

All school syllabuses should be reduced by half, Naidu suggestsAll school syllabuses in the country should be reduced by fifty per cent and students should learn the rest of the fifty per cent from their playgrounds. 

Vice President Venkaiah Naidu at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, said that young students should prepare and equip their self so that they will be ready when called upon to be leaders of a resurgent India.

Saying that it is important to learn from books, Naidu said that it is good to know facts and understand theories, but it is more important to be able to understand concepts and to gauge their practical applications. It is important to learn to do things, to develop practical and pragmatic wisdom.

Whole examinations should be based on measuring the child’s capacity simply to question the things around. This will encourage young people to never be content with the status quo and help to make change a relatively easy process, Naidu said.

Naidu urged the students to never let their marks define or restrict them in any way. Students are much more than the numbers on the report card.

Naidu opined that education imparted should be all-encompassing, comprehensive and holistic. Only half the school time should be spent in classrooms learning, the other half should be spent in playgrounds and in nature. Some of the crucial life lessons are learnt by the children from playgrounds, such as sportsmanship, empathy and teamwork.

Along with physical fitness, schools should also encourage other extracurricular activities. Love for the fine arts and interest in literary activities should also be inculcated in children, they teach children the art of living and working together, he concluded.

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