Employers Are Fail To Take Steps Addressing Sexual Harassment

Employers Are Fail To Take Steps Addressing Sexual HarassmentThe spotlight on workplace sexual harassment since fall of 2017 has led to high-profile resignations, terminations, and lawsuits. And while the revelations and consequences have prompted ongoing, national conversations about appropriate behavior, only 32 percent of working Americans said that their employer has taken new steps to prevent and address sexual harassment in the workplace, according to a survey by the American Psychological Association.


‘Workplace Sexual Harassment A Chronic Problem’

‘Workplace Sexual Harassment A Chronic Problem’“Sexual harassment in the workplace is a significant occupational health psychology problem,” said, American Psychological Association President Antonio E. Puente. “Psychological research has offered understanding into the causes of workplace harassment, as well as some strategies for preventing or reducing it. However, there is limited research regarding the characteristics of harassers, which makes it difficult to predict who will do it and where and when it might happen. What we do know is that harassers tend to lack a social conscience and engage in manipulative, immature, irresponsible and exploitative behaviors.”

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