Career In Engineering And Technology

Today's fast moving world actually exists because of fast developing technology, growing industrialization day-by-day as well as modernization of engineering equipments and professionals. In 21st century, engineering holds a prominent place as few other professions do.


Engineering will continue to remain one of the prospective professions. This field requires a special kind of interest and aptitude to be a successful professional.

Engineers apply the theories and principles of science to economical solution of technical problems. They works towards application of scientific discoveries to practical use. Engineers have to consider many factors in developing a new product for market.
They also work for maintenance, production or testing of it.

There are general branches of engineering  i.e. Agricultural Engineering, Computer Science and Technology, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Ceramic Engineering, Electronics, Electrical and Telecommunication Engineering, Energy Engineering,
Industrial Engineering, Instrumentation/Production Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Metallurgical Engineering, Manufacturing Science & Engineering, Mining Engineering, Micro-electronics Engineering, Nuclear Engineering as well as Physics Engineering.
Each of these fields is unique and offers excellent career opportunities. Here are the profiles of these specializations.

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