Career In Journalism

Journalism is concerned with collection and dissemination of news through various media. This involves various areas of works like reporting, writing, editing, photography, broadcasting, telecasting and web-casting news items.


Journalism is classified into two on basis of media-Print Journalism and Electronic Journalism.

Print Journalism includes newspapers, magazines and journals while Electronic journalism includes working for Radio, Television and Internet.

In web, skilled people are required to maintain websites by web newspapers (which cater only to web and do not have print editions) and popular newspapers and magazines who have their own web editions.

Career in journalism is a prestigious profession as well as a highly paid one. Journalists play a major role in development of nation. It is through them that we get information about daily happenings in society. Purpose of journalism itself is to inform and interpret, educate and enlighten the people.

Opportunities for journalists are endless and at same time the job has become more challenging, as new world is proving the adage that 'the pen (and camera) is mightier than sword'. Simple reporting of events is no more sufficient, more specialization and professionalism in reporting is required.

Journalists specialize in diverse areas, such as politics, finance and economics, investigation, culture and sports.

Course in Journalism imparts training in news reporting, news editing and subbing. Arts or Science group who have a strong urge to do something for society is eligible for this field. There is no restriction to enter this field; writing skill with creativity is the basic need. Sky is the limit in this profession.

Day by day publications and television channels are increasing, in near future in
India 30 more TV channels are going to be launched. One can launch its own website to perform his creativity. Also the publications and press journals are increasing.

Journalism is taught in a variety of institutes. There are short term vocational courses conducted by polytechnic institutes, graduate courses of three year duration for students wishing to enter after school and, of course, courses conducted by the most reputed institutes of journalism for which graduates are eligible. In the best-known institutes, there is stiff competition and selection is based on a written examination. Some newspapers select talented graduates and impart training on the job too. A visit to some of the dailies may give a good chance to begin this career.

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